Wednesday, September 20, 2017

"Tiffany" style lamp

Lucille taught a great workshop last night. She had ordered the findings from Bindels Ornaments in the Netherlands and the bulbs from Evan Designs in Colorado.

Here are the samples she had done up.

The holes in the metal are filled in with nail polish from the inside.

Here Trineke is working on several shades at one time.

New member, Judith, did this one.

This one is by Jillian.

Joan G. did this one.

I already had the finding so just ordered the light this time.

I didn't have the inside piece so made do with an ear-ring back.

And painted the inside of this also for the top piece.

It's not quite finished as my super glue has dried up but here's what it looks like put together -

and here it is lit up!

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