Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Bit of a catch-up

before I finish the dealer packages for Sunday.

Each year I take a picture of this piece of art at the hotel with the intention of making it in miniature. Maybe this will finally be the year!

The shingles came off this side of the roof very easily......

but this is causing me problems. Am hoping the hair dryer will loosen them...

Three years ago I made a bunch of little Christmas tables for Meals on Wheels. These two were left over so I spoke with my friend, Joan, about doing them again this year so she put me in touch with the Meals on Wheels co-ordinator at the St. Albert Seniors' Centre who was thrilled with the idea. So I committed to doing 40 of them for her. I think I have enough items in my stash to do them so I plan on having some friends over in October or November for a work party to make them up. Looking forward to that.

Leanne gets home tonight so she'll be picking up the rabbit tomorrow. Friday night, we have our first STARFest writer, Saturday, we pack up and go to the hotel, then Sunday is the Show and Sale.

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