Saturday, August 26, 2017

Mini Day Out

Major panic time! Twice today!

Second was when I turned on my computer to report on today - it wouldn't work! Finally turned everything off and unplugged everything and all was well. But some really major anxiety in the meantime.

Anyway (that over), we had a wonderful day. We started getting together around 9 a.m.

As the major focus of the day was going over to Don Saunders' home to see Lorry's miniatures, Joanne organized everyone into two groups - for a 10 am trip and a 1 pm trip with lunch in between the two trips.

I took my library scene to work on and actually got some work done on it. Earlier this week, I had given the container a final coat of spray paint...still not great...but did manage to get a lot of the edges looking better. Got the back scene cut to fit and in place. Still have to cut and fit the carpet. Used moveable miniature glue to keep the books on the book cart and the computer on the reference desk.

This is a based on a librarian/author/speaker Nancy Pearl  How wonderful to see a librarian as an action figure!

While the first group went over to Don's, the conversation turned to, what else?, books. Trineke mentioned some problems she was having making books for her attic project (her teenage room). So I told everyone about the faux books I make (thanks to Dick Tabor!). Took them some samples and demonstrated how they're made.  Then Trineke and I went to my condo and I showed her some ideas and shortcuts I had found over the years. In doing that, I found a bookmark on my computer that I had completely forgotten about. This site has innumerable dust covers of books prior to 1976. So we played around with that for awhile.

Tina brought us two bags of 'laser poop' to be shared. I took these bracket pieces. There were so many other great pieces that others shared.

Rosalle of Needleart Treasures by Rosalle brought in her sample sock monkey that she'll be selling at the Show and Sale on September 17. To get the 'tweed' effect of the sock, Rosalle uses two strands of sewing thread and it's an incredibly labour-intensive process. The body, arms, ears, face, etc., are crocheted individually then sewn together. These will sell for $45.00 at the Show and Sale.

It's 12:45 pm Saturday  and...

This is where the first major panic time comes in.

I am devastated that I forgot to take my camera over to Don's .I know that others have cameras, especially Bev, who is our newsletter editor, but I SO wanted to show you at least some of Lorry's beautiful work. We were half-way over when I realized I didn't have it.

Bev has promised to send me some pictures so I can share them here.

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