Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Edmonton Show and Sale September 17, 1017

Oh, my! I am SO excited about our lineup for the Show and Sale this September 17. 


Artful Needles (Wendy Peterson)
Mini handknits, general store and yarn shop items and accessories, 1:12 scale dressed dolls.

BF Minis (Bob Francis)
1:12 and 1:48 scale miniatures

Bits by Barb (Barb Striethorst)
Plants/flowers (assembled and kits), petals/leaves, laser cut German items, rugs, food items

Estate of Lorry Saunders
(MEE on behalf of the Saunders Family)
Furniture, kits, rugs, accessories

Gail Warkentin
Downsizing. Sale from 3 collections. Houses, furniture, furnishings, etc.

Gilbert Funk
Room boxes

Janice Crawley, IGMA Fellow
1:12 ceramic dishes, Toby Mugs, figurines, tiny porcelain dolls (1” – 2”)

Lilliana Olson

Little Extras by Irene
1:48 furniture and hand-made food; 1:12 furniture, food and accessories; also 1:24 items

Live A Little Miniatures
(Hoanie Yong)
Chandeliers, wall sconces, ceiling lamps, Christmas decorations and other misc. items

Luba Barnes
Miscellaneous miniature items and some 1:48 scale items

Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton
Children’s Grab Bags
Membership Information

Miniature Minutia (Tina MacDonald)
Fabric, turnings, pottery, 1:12 and 1:48 kits

Full line of roomboxes, furniture and accessories

National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts
Information about N.A.M.E.

Needleart Treasures by Rosalle
Crocheted accessories for the mini home

Pat Jackson
Artisan dolls in 1:12 scale

Pat Makarowski
Handmade canned fruit, vegetables. Assortment of 1:12 furniture, mini food, 3D printed items.

Reenie’s Teenies
1:12 scale handmade miniatures (food, books, toys, etc.)

Sherri MacRaild, IGMA Artisan
Seasonal, toys, candy (chocolates)

Tiny Treasures (Louise Zawada)
Mini furniture, supplies, handmade minis, etc.

Val’s Creations (Val Corraini)
Miniature dolls and related items

Wee Woolies and Bren’s Miniature Pottery
(Linda Austin and Brenda Demone)
Crochet work, plants, pottery 1:48, 1:24 and 1:12 scales

I've mentioned some of the dealers before but will give you more information on them in the next while.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

A busy week

Oh, my, it was a busy week: personally, mini and condo-wise!

The worst of it was over by Thursday afternoon BUT that's when Joanne and I went to Chapters to round off the day and I picked up the latest J. D. Robb pocketbook "Echoes in Death". Only problem was that it was a 2 for $15 so I also picked up Lisa Scottoline's "Betrayed". And when I finished that, I realized that I had the sequel "Corrupted" under my coffee table and just finished that one!

Have some interesting posts planned for the blog but for now, good night.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Almost done!

I cannot tell a lie...there are a few things left to do: some paperwork, my kitchen project is on a table in the dining room, the dishwasher has to be loaded and I have about 40 things to put on my craft bulletin boards.

BUT other than that, the whole condo is pretty much cleaned. Not bad considering I also read a book today. AND everything was put away properly - not shoved in a box because company was coming!!!

So here's the workroom:

And these are the things that have to go on  the bulletin boards.

Carol and Fred return from their daughter's place in Red Deer tomorrow so will meet them at Mom's before they head back home.

DS Shirley is coming back from the lake on Tuesday with her friend Elizabeth (bringing me new potatoes and baby carrots!) and the three of us will spend Tuesday night together.

On Wednesday, Joanne, I and a few others are going to check out the new 100 yen store at West Edmonton Mall and go for lunch. Then I have a condo board meeting Wednesday night so don't know how much mini-ing I'll get done this week.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

BIG change in plans

Last night DD Leanne called and asked if I could go to her place and take delivery of her new bed today (Saturday). Window for delivery was 11 am to 2 pm so I agreed to do it. For some reason, delivery had to be changed from Sunday to Saturday and she couldn't be home.

Then this morning, DS Carol called and said she and Fred were coming out tonight and could they stay with me.

So my whole day was turned upside down....and the workroom didn't get finished.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Change of pace

After having to search for something yesterday, I decided that my workroom has be be cleaned before I even think about working on anything.

It's not great but I took these pictures half an hour ago and since then I've sorted through a great portion of it already.

Will do what I can tonight. Have to be at DD Leanne's tomorrow for a delivery as she is busy with a convention but hopefully the Brick will be there earlier, rather than later, and I can make it home to finish up here.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Kitchen 2

Thanks to my dear friend, Trineke, who sent me a lovely email telling how some of my problems in mini had been solved in their RL kitchen, I'm now sort of on track with the lower cabinets.

Then Joanne was over today and we discussed some ideas I have for the upper cabinets. These are a problem as I don't have enough ready-made cabinets so will have to fit cabinets where I can and make some additional pieces such as a microwave shelf and a stove hood. But it's almost coming together in my head. Unfortunately that can be a slow process and I can't proceed until it all comes together.

In the meantime, I need to go to Quiltessentials (a quilt shop just down the street) to get some fabric for the outside of the roombox. I hate decorating the outside of roomboxes so I've done several of them lately with fabric. Carol's quilt shop and the nursery celebrating Elizabeth's birth. I also did the outside of the Music Room for Grahame with a great fabric with swirls of musical notes and clefs - all three fabrics from Quiltessentials. Field trip with Joanne!

I'm SO looking forward to getting all these things finished so I can actually fill the fridge and cupboards. I have four cork bulletin boards covered with food, dishes, cutlery, utensils, pots and pans to choose from. Which is sort of silly, in a way, because virtually none of these things will be seen in the final roombox.

With that in mind, I think (for display at the Show) most everything will be behind closed doors but I'll make a small photo album showing the contents of each piece. And, of course, for private viewing, I'll remove the plexiglass front and allow people to open things to see what's behind the doors. In any event, I'll know what's there.