Saturday, June 24, 2017

Foamcore roombox 2

With all the pieces cut, it was time to dry fit everything. The back piece fit vertically but was about 1/16" too long horizontally. Once I trimmed it, everything fit fine.

I used a couple T-pins to hold things in place during the dry fit.

Next step was to cut the carpet.

Then I put a strip of double-sided carpet tape across the front of the floor and very carefully put the carpet in place.

Made sure the carpet was smoothly in place then added carpet tape to the sides of the floor and very carefully and slowly set the carpet in place. Here the finally piece of carpet tape is in place across the back of the floor and the carpet finally laid.

I decided to put a window in the left hand wall so cut a hole 4 x 4 two inches above the floor then cut a piece of heavier plastic 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 and glued it in place on the outside of the wall. When that glue had dried, I did the same on the inside of the wall.

Then I mitre cut 8 pieces of coffee stir sticks with a measurement of 4" on the short side. Painted the first four pieces black and glued them to the outside of the wall.

The four remaining pieces were painted white then glued onto the inside wall.

(Afterthought) Had this beautiful piece of pleated lace in my stash so glued it to the inside wall as a curtain.

Here is the outer wall before the curtain was glued in place.

The room with the curtain in place.

I'm pleased with it so far. The only thing left to do is glue all the pieces together.

Hope to be able to get that done and show it to you tomorrow.

However, tomorrow is a busy day. DS Marie and BIL Robert are coming out tomorrow and should arrive by 2 p.m.. Have to get over to Mom's to spend some time with her then head back home where we are having our annual Condo block party.

I will be displaying M.E.E.'s Canada 150 display tomorrow at the block party. Will be interesting to see the reaction as the St. Albert Gazette had a wonderful two page write-up on it today and many people will have read it.


  1. You are one busy lady, I cant wait to see it finished


  2. Thanks Marisa. I'm just waiting for the glue to dry. Should have the furniture in for tonight's blog.