Thursday, June 8, 2017

Canada 150 Club Project

Some time ago, Joanne suggested that as a Canada 150 project, all club members submit pictures of what they considered to be iconic Canadian people, things and places.

The top row has the coats of arms of all the provinces, territories and Canada along with a Canadian flag. (These weren't included in the 150 count.)

left side

right side

Here are all the things represented:
Coats of Arms
Quebec Ice Hotel
Stephan Amell, Green Arrow actor
James Naismith, Basketball
Alexander Graham Bell, Telephone 
Frederick Banting, Insulin
Aboriginal Chief with Head Dress
Downtown Victoria
Nova Scotia Shore Houses 
Muttart Conservatory
Rideau Canal Skateway
Sled Dog Team
Inuit Family
West Edmonton Mall Water Park
Old Quebec
Gatineau Park, Maple Leaf
Albion Falls, Hamilton
Baby Seal
Stompin' Tom Connors
E. Pauline Johnson, Poet
Grey Jay Cdn National Bird
Anne Murray
UBC Main Library
Willam Shatner, Cdn. Actor
Front Page Challenge Team
Peggy's Point Lighthouse NL
Christine Sinclair Cdn. Soccer Star
CNR poster
Homestead, Hwy 16,  AB
Butter Tarts
Mr Dressup
Terry Fox Run
Spruce Meadows
Fred Penner Shoe (Bata Show Museum)
Banff Springs Hotel
Mile Zero Alaska Hwy
Sir John A. Macdonald
Mary Pickford, Actress
Canadian Legion Poppy
Men of the Deeps Cape Breton, Coal Miners     Chorus
Group of Seven
Icebergs, Newfoundland
Lorne Greene
Bobby Curtola 
Five Pin Bowling
Canada Dry Pop
AM Radio
Celine Dion
Robertson Screw
Molly's Reach
Pysanka Egg, Vegreville
Lacrosse (natives)
Lacrosse Sticks
Cdn Snowbirds
Electric Wheelchair
Canadian Red Ensign Flag
Chickadee, Black capped
Leslie Nielson
Peanut Butter
Hoodoos, Drumheller
Canadian Tire Logo
Glenn Gould
Gordon Lightfoot
Wayne Gretzky
Anne of Green Gables
Spirit Island, 
CN railroad
Cdn Shield Rose
Leonard Cohen
Pierre Burton
Nanaimo bars
Canadian Wheat
150 B day  Tulips
Wild Horses, AB
Red Fife Heritage Wheat
Canadian Passport
Whooping Cranes
Chris Hadfield
Niagara Falls
Stuart McLean, Vinyl Café
Wayne and Schuster
Bob and Doug McKenzie
Alberta Flag
Chateau Frontenac
Tommy Hunter, Entertainer
Dionne Quintuplets
Jackson Beardley, Ojibway Artist
Northern Lights
Saskatoon Pie
Polar Bears
Grasslands National Park Buffalo
Canada Arm
Ottawa Parliament Buildings, Tulips from         Netherlands
Green Onion Cakes
Sugar Maples
Canada Goose
MacIntosh Apple
3 Penny Beaver stamp
Vimy Memorial in France
Canada Flag mitts
Roger's Place Edmonton
Alex Janvier Mozaic in entry Roger's Place
Curling rock
Mackintosh's creamy Toffee
Van Doos (22nd army regiment)
CBC radio logo on Cowichan sweater
"Famous Five"( women are people law)
AMA card
Butchart Gardens
Bonhomme  ( Que. Winter carnivale)
Haida Gwii
Haida Gwii meeting Captain Cook
Snowmobile ( Joseph Bombardier)
Via rail
Grain elevator
RUSH band album cover
Hudson Bay blanket coat
Paton's Canadiana yarn
(Keep calm) eh?
Winter track in the snow
Lake Louise- known for turquoise lake
Totem pole
Canada 150 coins
Bluenose (won maritime race in 1930)
Canada Post
Avro Arrow airplane
Canadian Club rye whiskey
Atlantic Puffin 
Signal Hill NL (Marconi-first wireless signal)
Hockey Night in Canada official logo
Canada Flag

There are so many other things that we could have added but it was an incredibly interesting, fun project to do. And we learned a lot from it!