Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Another piece finished!!

I bought this Christmas scene bag from the estate of Shirley Phillips to give away this Christmas. It needs some repairs so that was today's project. The foamcore box that contains the scene is glued in place so that made it a bit more difficult to fix things.

It's a nice little piece but it's open in the front so I want to close it in. First, I took my hair dryer to it and blew off all the dust off it.

Then I cut a piece of matboard to fit in the front of the bag and pencilled along the bag so I could cut out the portion along the front.

Then I removed the matboard from the bag and cut out the centre.

Cut a piece of clear plastic about 1/4" wider each way than hole in the matboard ,

and glued it in place.

The matboard/plastic is in place behind the front of the bag. Because the corners of the bag are torn, I glued them down then cut a frame from some strip wood I had in my stash.

Then glued the frame in place and stacked my books on it until the glue dried.

As the final touch, I cut a piece of marble matboard to fit in the top of the bag and cover up all the ragged edges of the foamcore box.

And here is the tidied top of the box!

Looking good - and FINISHED!!

Hope this finally posts....having trouble with publishing tonight.

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