Thursday, May 18, 2017

Children's Table 2017 Show and Sale

Our dear Sunni (as her name suggests) is in charge of the Children's table at the Show and Sale.

Each year, she comes up with absolutely wonderful ideas for projects that about 25 children can do. Every year the idea is different: it has been an ideal children's room; Hallowe'en; - just about anything you can imagine.

This year I suspect it will be a Christmas scene as on Tuesday night at our meeting she handed out to each member five 1/2" wooden cubes and asked us to wrap them as Christmas gifts - no embellishments or ribbons - that will be left to the children.

So I looked in my stash and found the Hershey's Hugs and Kisses wrappers that I had saved over the years. I had already smoothed them a with soft surface.

Spread glue over those wrappers...

And simply wrapped the foil around the wooden pieces after trimming it a bit.

And here is the first "gift"

And here are my five...

Soft foil like this is great to work with as it's so forgiving.

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