Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Faux marble workshop, laser poop

Last night, Tina taught a great workshop on faux marble.

Here are some of her samples:

The round table is a new design Tina came up with. Love it!

The 1:48 table (upper right) is wonderful.
Still a lot of work to do as our homework is to add several coats of semi-gloss varnish (sanding between coats) to add depth to the marble. I'm very pleased with the top piece - not so much the lower.

You start by painting both sides of the wood with the base coat (black in this case). When that's dry, you put a coat of water on the pieces, then sponge on Hunter Green. The next coat is Sage green which is spattered on with a toothbrush. Then the veining is added in white.

 Everyone did different colours of marble and they all looked amazing. Great evening.

Tina gifted me with a bag of "laser poop" (the off-cuts from her laser cutter. Am looking forward to sorting through it and seeing what I can do with it.
Sorry, I'm having trouble cropping my pictures the last couple days.


  1. I love all those tables, Maureen. What a great job everyone did. And "laser poop"? I LOVE it!!! What a chuckle. - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB, Canada

    1. We are SO lucky in MEE to have such talented people who are willing to share their skills, much as you have in FAME.
      Have already used one piece of laser poop and had a chance to look through it and there are some GREAT things in there. Just need to have the time and energy to work on them.

  2. Han quedado preciosas esas mesas!!!!!