Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mini Day Out

As I was tidying up on Friday night, I looked at my Asian scene

then at all the wonderful furniture Erika gave me plus my shoebox of Asian accessories and decided I didn't want to do another Asian scene.

So I made an offer to the members of MEE of all the furniture and accessories to anyone who was coming to MDO with the proviso that it was an all or nothing offer....didn't want anything left!

Cheryl H. from Nova Scotia just happened to catch that email shortly after and needed furnishings for a doll she got here a few trips back. So within minutes, they were gone!

Well, of course, with that much 'stuff', when Cheryl saw it on Saturday, she felt she couldn't possibly use it all but Lucille, Trineke and Bev took up the slack and by the end of the day, everything had found new homes; my stash was a bit smaller and everyone was happy! Good ending.

Although the day was arranged with only a week's notice, we will had a good turnout of 12 people. Carol and June were kind enough to give the workshop on the dressed table that had to be cancelled last week due to the cold weather snap. They'll also be teaching it at our next meeting but Trineke was pleased as she will be away at that time.

Barb R. joined us. She hasn't been able to attend meetings this year due to her husband's health issues so we were glad to spend time with her. She has a great Christmas scene in mind so we all chimed in with ideas for it. Barb also brought down her duplicate Nutshell News magazines for the freebie table. Joanne brought along a UFO that she worked on and also made one of the tables.

Lucille, Tina and Cheryl H.

This is the 1:12 prototype of a bench Tina is making for Joanne in 1:48. She also worked on some kits for the Sacramento NAME Houseparty.

Lucille finished her punch needle welcome mat then started the punch needle rooster mat that is the finishing touch for a room box she is working on.

Erika, June and Carol
These are the 'demo' tables Carol and June brought along. You can see a 1:48 table below the tea cup!

Just for fun, I brought one of the tables I made for Meals on Wheels a couple Christmases ago. It's simply a styrofoam cup cut down and covered with a cupcake liner for a tablecloth and something Christmas-y added on top.. 

Trineke and Bev working away on their tables.
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Waiting for the glue to dry on one of Bev's table.

Another of Bev's tables - again waiting for the glue to dry.

Trineke's table

Trineke's overskirt with pulled bunka trim being added.

Trineke sent me this picture of her completed table. It's just lovely!
It is always such a joy to attend one of Carol's workshops. She is always SO well prepared and full of helpful hints.

One of the problems when dressing a table is getting the pleats even. She even has a hint for that!
Take a 1/4" or so strip of paper that fits exactly around the bottom of the table. Fold it in half, in half again and yet again so the strip has 8 sections. Lightly mark each fold with a pencil then glue the strip off paper to the bottom of the table. As you glue the tablecloth in place with a thin vertical line, follow this order: glue #1, then #5, #3, then #7, #2, then #6, #4, then #7. Hold each pleat in place with a fine clip or a bobby pin. Once those pleats are dried in place, halve each pleat again and glue in place to give you a total of 16 pleats. It makes such perfect sense but never would have thought of it myself.

Another piece of Carol's wisdom:
I got this display of Librarian Action Figure Nancy Pearl (a real person) from Joanne at the January club garage sale.
I have a wonderful mini display piece that this will fit in beautifully. BUT the front of the display case is curved and the carpet on the piece is straight. My idea had been to (hopefully) find some carpet that would match the picture and could be curved  to match the plexiglass front of the display.

Love the forced perspective of the bookshelves!

What an incredible idea! Scan the extended carpet piece, make a larger sheet of it and print it on photo paper! (From Carol and also from Joanne who hadn't thought to tell me yet.)

Just have to paint the display piece, extend the carpet and put it all together. Love it when a plan comes together!

This will be donated to the circulation department of the St. Albert Public Library with the information about Nancy Pearl on the back of the piece. Hope to display it at our Show and Sale before I donate it.


  1. Habéis tenido una agradable y provechosa reunión,las mesas son preciosas!! Es bueno compartir ideas con la gente que tiene las mismas aficiones!!!
    Buenos proyectos!!

    1. Gracias, Pilar. Me encanta cuando podemos reunirnos para compartir ideas.