Saturday, January 21, 2017

Some trash to treasure ideas - What would you do with this?

These are the three items Barb S. and Marg W. brought to club Tuesday night for our "What would you do with this" round. Unfortunately I sent them around late and they only made it half way around the room. However, there were some great responses.

Barb brought in this clip from a print cartridge:

 Ideas were:
1. traffic light (isn't that marvellous - wouldn't have thought of that! But it makes wonderful sense.)
2. sled for an elf
3. store fixture

Marg brought in this bulb from RL mini Christmas lights:

 1. enclosed flower vase (think Beauty and the Beast). I didn't have a full flower that fit but did have a bud and greenery that did.
2. baby bottle. I painted the top tan for a nipple and painted inside the bulb white for milk. Then I used some fine fingernail tape to hold the nipple in place. For size, the bottom really should be cut off but since this is glass, don't think I would try that. BUT in order to disguise the length, you could make a little bottle warmer from a small piece of balsa and set the bottle in that.

3. apothecary jars. Fill with fine spices (or paint the inside). If you fill it, glue a small circle of plastic to the bottom. To make it look like you have a separate lid, you could use the fine tape (as with the baby bottle) to indicate that.

4. light fixture. The nano bulbs from Evan Designs would fit in here.

Actually with that bothersome base off, I think it would also make a wonderful pop/soda bottle. Just paint the inside of the bulb whatever colour you like and paint the knob on top white or grey and slap on a label.

Marg also brought in this plug cover that we're finding more and more on new electrical appliances. 

Two suggestions here:
1. table base (thinking 1:48 scale)
2. brick

Please feel free to add any ideas you may have for these pieces. I love it when someone sees something that I don't!And it adds SO much to our hobby when we can share.


  1. Hint for the plug cover-turn it over and cover with sand-looks like a castle with 2 turrets

  2. What a great idea! Thanks, Margaret