Saturday, December 17, 2016


Yesterday, Joanne and I spent the afternoon together. We started by mailing "The Book" then ran some other errands. Our last stop of the afternoon was at the new Dollarama (up by WalMart). It was my first time there and I was impressed. The cashier told us it's the largest Dollarama in Western Canada. Great selections, very well lit and clean!

I really didn't need anything mini so wasn't really looking for anything like that although I did note that the selection of  Christmas trees this year is incredible. But I still have quite a selection of trees so managed to resist.

However, when I was finishing the Christmas vignette, realized I was out of cats and dogs and I like to put a pet in them. Joanne had noticed one of these animal playsets earlier ($2). We weren't totally impressed with the puppies in the top picture then spotted the second set and each bought a set. The grooming tools are a bit big but the rest of the pieces are good 1:12 scale. Didn't see the cat set as I might have liked to get one of those. I'm more a dog fan but cats seem to fit better in mini scenes somehow.

Uh-oh! Joanne was here and reminded me that we had looked at the cats but they looked a bit too large for 1:12 scale. Pity!

Have a couple books I want to make up so picked up the four pack of glue sticks for $1.25.

When I cleaned the Christmas tree for the vignette with the compressed air, I noticed there wasn't much air left in the can so was pleased to find this can for $4.

Also picked up a couple styluses for my tablet. I lost both mine months ago and am really pleased to finally get replacements.

By this time, it was 3:15 so we headed off to Swiss Chalet for a late lunch. Great time with excellent company!

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