Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Oh, SO close!

Showed you my desk earlier....

Cleaned up the pegboard a bit, put the paint away where it belongs. The three room roombox is in place with scissors, paintbrushes and glue behind it.

Back to the left hand side of the room...

where I have now moved in a card table with the kitchen roombox and related pieces...(one of my next things to be finished)

the clean desk and the first section of the right hand table/pegboard with the Michael's paint stand

the full view of the right hand side and pegboard

the bookshelf between the room door and the entry to the bathroom

Oh, how I wish I were totally finished with the job BUT still have this much to work on!

Probably about 60 pieces that have to be bagged and put on bulletin boards and about twenty that have to be shelvedl

Hope to have everything finished by tomorrow night!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I can see the top of my desk!!

Hope to tackle the right hand table tomorrow.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Left wall finished!

This is where I left things on Saturday. Lots of stuff to be sorted and put away.

And this is how it looks tonight!

Wow! I can see the floor.

This side of the room has to be tackled next. The desk will take a lot of sorting, shredding and filing.

This table will take work but should go fairly quickly.

And there are some things on the dining room table that need to be bagged and put on the bulletin boards and I'll be finisihed!

There is an end in sight.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Coming wall just about finished

This corner was a nightmare that I've pretty much ignored in the past when cleaning. I just kept stacking boxes there and throwing my empty shoeboxes and lids on the floor in front of them....which meant I couldn't easily get into the bookshelf and paper organizers. So out came the boxes, shoeboxes, and most of the 'stuff' from the bookshelf.

 All the empty binders from the paper shredding episode are on the bottom shelf of the bookcase. On the middle shelf are a bunch of frames and another small paper organizer. The top shelf has some foam core panel samples, more picture frames, some paper and my box of greeting cards.

I moved the three room roombox back from the laundry room and put it vertically next to the tall bookshelf on the left wall. There's a half paper box on top filled with bubble wrap and each 'room' holds three shoeboxes. Some contain room specific collections and others contain such things as mirrors, veneers, scraps of mat board, wool/knitting needles, etc.

On the second shelf from the bottom of the tall bookshelf, there was a large stack of matboard that stuck WAY out from the shelf. The smallest scraps went into a shoebox, others went into an envelope and the biggest pieces (and the envelope) went between the roombox and the short bookshelf.

Paper boxes are one of my favourite storage places. I had four of them that I had no need for right now so I put them in a clear bag and put them in my storage area in the underground parking area.

I put the smaller storage boxes in paper boxes and stored them all under my desk.

 This is the tall bookshelf near the end of the left wall. It still requires some tidying but basically it holds my paints, spackle, nail polish, markers and small storage containers. There's room on the second shelf from the bottom for more shoeboxes and the bottom shelf has the unused shoeboxes and a box of miscellaneous cords and connectors. The two black binders contain carpets and tiles in plastic sheet protectors.

Into the bottom shelf of the first section of Dad's shelving unit, I've moved several roomboxes and glass sheets and turntables. This area is kept behind the microwave cabinet that holds my RL tools and things. Just hope that out of sight doesn't turn into out of mind when I'm looking for a container for a scene.

Most of the 'big' stuff is done now but the remaining work is going to take a lot of time and effort.

I will have to keep reminding myself of how much I have accomplished so far and not think about how much is left.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Coming along

Got the table folded and put away where it belongs. Now to tackle some more! Still looks pretty disastrous!

Emptied these binders and shredded the contents! Took a better part of the day but will make a big difference.

And here's the garbage so far!

Awhile back, I put my multi-room roomboxes in front of the shelving and, of course, piled more 'stuff' on them. Now I've moved them back into the laundry room.

My Dad built these shelves for his library and, after he died, I bought them at Mom's garage sale when she sold their house and moved into a condo.

They're 8' long and have shelves of varying depth. Using piano hinges, I also added 23" wide bulletin boards on either side of the shelving. The top of the shelving is 11" deep, then the shelves are 5", 5", 7 1/4", 8", 11" and 11".

I keep an old microwave stand (that holds RL tools, drop cloths and light bulbs) in front of this end of the shelving so I try to keep less used things in this end. So I think I'll move the roomboxes from the middle bottom shelf to the far left.

It'll take longer than I had planned on to move things around (to hopefully better positions) and make room for some things that need to be put away but I think it'll be worth it in the long run.

I really like that Dad made the upper shelves less deep as that makes them better for displaying pieces of furniture.

The very top is used to store "someday" things.

That's only 8' of a 17' wall so there is more to come.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Whew! Fabric sorted and put away...

There's probably some fabric left around somewhere but the boxes are empty,

the table is clear

and I think everything is put away.

I cannot believe how much and what a variety of fabric I've collected over the years!

Need to fold up the table and put it away. Then I'll be able to see/get at all the stuff that needs to be sorted and put away.

Good start!

Monday, November 21, 2016

The Book is printed!

My poor printer must be breathing a huge sigh of relief - finished after a little over 8 hours of non-stop printing! What a wonderful workhorse it is!

Just made it too - about 200 sheets of paper left and both my red and black cartridges gave me the 'just about out of ink' warning! Although I still have one black cartridge left, that was my last red cartridge.

Still have to collate and bind it but this is such a relief to get this far.

Just FYI, the printer is an HP Officejet Pro 8600 purchased in July 2012. This is the fifth time I've printed "The Book" using it.

Enough Already!

As you can tell, for the past two months I haven't done anything with my minis.

As my Dad always used to say, my 'get up and go' got up and went.

It's still not back but I've decided that it needs a kick in the pants from me so I'm making a conscious effort to do something.

First on my list, although not mini, is "The Book" that I do for friends and family as a Christmas gift so I spent the weekend getting all the pages ready to go. (I had over 100 emails that had to be transferred to word documents for that.) So today, I'm printing all the pages - about 4000 sheets of paper! Over the next week, I hope to get it all collated and bound.

THIS is what I need to tackle! Until I get this cleaned up, I can't really work on my miniatures. So hopefully, I'll spend some time each day on this.

You know that normally I don't post pictures of my workroom until after it's cleaned but I'm hoping that posting the pictures will force me to post pictures of my progress each day or so and shame me into working.

The first BIG job will be to sort through all the fabric on the 6' folding table and put it away. You may recall that I started this in mid-July so it's long overdue.

That in itself will make a big difference.

I did already tackle one task. I bought six years of old Nutshell News from Lorry's estate and I added them to my bookshelf. Gave any duplicates that I found to my friend and neighbour, Barb R.

Picked up this doll at Dollarama. She's 6" tall but think I'll be able to use her somehow/sometime.

This beautiful doll is 5 1/4" tall and if I ever do a scene requiring a bride, she'll be perfect! A couple months ago, Dollarama had the matching groom but didn't buy it so kicking myself over that.