Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Flowers for Mom

When Marie and Rob were out, they gave Mom a lovely little floral arrangement with a couple mums, a gerber daisy and a rose. These were also in the back of the arrangement. It wasn't until a few days had passed that we realized although the other flowers were real, these are silk.

When the real flowers finally gave up the ghost a couple days ago, I took the silk ones home to see what I could do with them.

Each stem had four silk blossoms:

So I stripped off the lower three
 Stacked them on the top one, put the centre back in place and trimmed off the rest of the stem.

And kept repeating that.

Then I found a mini clay flower pot in my stash and filled it with floral oasis.

I had a bit of Dollarama greenery that I put in the centre of the oasis then added the flowers.

Here's the finished arrangement.
from the side

and from the top
It's 3" tall.

Leanne and I took them up just before supper. She was pleased with them. They sit on her movable table.

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