Thursday, July 21, 2016

Some time off....

Well, this week has turned into the week from h*ll! A couple family things happened that I don't feel comfortable writing about...but stressful nonetheless.

Then yesterday, my mother (93rd birthday next month) ended up in hospital with what the medical staff feels is a TIA. She was moved from Emergency to the Medical Ward this afternoon but we were unable to meet with a doctor today. Hoping to do that tomorrow morning and hear what the prognosis is. She's unable to communicate with us other than answering 'yes' or 'no'. Has strength in both legs but her right arm is very spasmodic and her hands have no strength in them.

The nursing staff is very optimistic that she will make a full recovery but, as I said, we weren't able to speak with her doctor today. Hopefully tomorrow, we'll have some idea of what to expect.

Since she can't communicate, she doesn't really want us (DS Shirley and me) with her so we just go up for several short visits during the day. So between visits to the hospital and spending hours on the phone keeping in touch with family members, not much time left in a day.

What a blessing it is to have Shirley with me at this time! So much easier to cope when we're together. It's hard on our two other sisters who can only wait for phone calls - that don't tell them anything.

Fine time to have the house torn apart for the closet re-organization.

I hope I'll carve out some time to work on the re-organization and keep up the blog but only time will tell.

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