Sunday, June 5, 2016

the matboard/International Children's Festival/tomorrow

You'll recall that at our last MEE meeting, I got a great supply of matboard from Joanne's work friend. But I was at Leanne's at the time so Joanne kept it in her car for me.

Joanne is on the committee that runs the International Children's Festival in St. Albert.  She has been working her buns off for the past five days with that so our only contacts have been a few phone calls to tell me how much fun she is having (and how tired she is and how much her feet hurt LOL).

Tonight (Saturday), I was incredibly pleased to have been Joanne's guest at the closing ceremony of the Children's Festival. Wonderful experience!

Anyway, when she dropped me off at home, I took up all my wonderful matboard.

The ruler in the pictures is 24" so you can see what wonderful sizes these pieces are.

Don't know yet how I'll use them but am thrilled to have them.

My sister Carol is going to be here on Sunday to visit with Mom and me, then DD Leanne will pick her up so she can spend the night with Leanne who will take her to the airport Monday morning so she can go home to the Peace River Country.

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