Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Some trash to treasure

Just can't seem to get my mini mojo working. Hope it comes back soon. Can't even get enthusiastic about going back and trying to work on some of my older UFOs.

In either Chicago or Phoenix,  I bought some laser cut hinges and locks from Dragonfly. Was positive I knew exactly where I had put them but they've disappeared on  me. ;-(

Last week, I scavenged two wine cork cages. They'll make a couple nice vanity stools or patio chairs when I get them done.

the cages themselves

With the wires removed.

The wires can be shaped into a back for a chair.
 Yippee! These are back at Dollarama. It's been four or five years at least since the last time I saw them. And actually, I didn't find them. Joanne picked up two sets for me.

The first five ready to use. On the right is one with the back still on.
 I thought I would have to use the hair dryer to remove the backs but I was able to just pull the elastic and metal piece off with a pair of pliers then the glue itself just peeled off.

So now I have ten pair of Crocs to add to scenes. I used my last pair from my previous stock in the living room on the cake plate.
I like these colours and think they will work most anywhere I want them but if I wanted different colours, I would use nail polish. (Great variety of colours available at Dollarama.)

When you have worn out a foam paint brush, you can pull off the foam and use the plastic piece under it as a glue spreader - particularly good in corners and smaller spaces. (top)

One of the tools that Barb S. asked us to bring to the roses workshop was a needle tool. I didn't have one so took a foam paint brush, drilled a hole in the end of the handle and glued a needle in eye first. (bottom)


  1. Seguro que esos taburetes te quedarán fantásticos!
    Me gustan mucho los colores del calzado!!!

    1. Las heces se verá bien si y cuando llego a hacerlas. Los zapatos son una maravilla , ¿verdad ?
      Abrazos , Maureen

  2. Reading blogs always provides fresh inspiration...never would have thought of making small stools from the wire cage from a sparkling wine bottle...will be interested to see a finished product! Will also use the tip of saving a foam brush for the little plastic piece underneath...good idea for a glue spreader instead of fingers! Thanks also for the reminder to keep eyes peeled in every store for items that can be used in the creation of miniatures! Cheers, Alayne

    1. Thanks, Alayne,
      Will try to finish a stool from the wine cage...but if I don't, I know you can do it now that you have the beginning of the idea.
      That little bit of plastic from a foam brush is great for getting into tiny corners.
      We really have to think "out of the box" when it comes to looking through Dollarama....and no one does that better than a miniaturist.

  3. Hi Maureen! A terrific tip about using the old foam brush minus the foam for a glue spreader- A Really good idea!
    Also thanks for the heads-up regarding the tiny crocs! I've never seen them at Dollarama before but now I shall make a special trip there and hope that they are here in Vancouver too! :)
    Meanwhile your Mojo and your hinges will both magically appear when you least expect them to.
    That is the way it Always seems to happen. ;P


    1. Elizabeth,
      I really hope that my mojo will suddenly reappear...not holding out much hope right now....and my hinges haven't shown up either LOL.
      But thanks for the encouragement,