Monday, June 27, 2016

Mini Day Out, Potential Fairy/Mouse House

Normally, I give more notice when planning a Mini Day Out in the social room of my condo but friend and MEE member, Corinne is coming up from Calgary to spend a few days with her sister so we're having a Mini Day Out on Saturday, July 2. Between short notice and the fact that it's a holiday weekend, looks like we'll still have a fair turnout. If you're not a MEE member, in the area on Saturday and would like to join us, e-mail me and I'll send you the information. The more, the merrier.

This was in the Put and Take and thought someone might be able to use it as potential fairy or mouse house. It's real bark on a cardboard cylinder. It's 8" tall and 7" in diameter. There are a couple small sections where the bark has come off (in the pictures) but you could put doors there.

Pick up only.

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