Tuesday, April 5, 2016

MEE workshop April 5, Grandpa's Dollhouse

Tonight was our tribute to Lorry as we worked on kits that we had received from her at the Christmas party.

Jillian did a John Greer dog house

Maureen M. and Joanne R. had landscaped mailboxes.

Several people had the Upper Canada bed kit.

Carol K. was working on a project that I think was for the NAME get-together in Seattle.

Judy S. had this wonderful HOM kit from Lorry..

Sandra S. had one of the bed kits.

A lovely little shelf kit.
I had one of the bed kits but I knew I would never use it so I passed it on to Andrea who can use it in her dollhouse.

Lucille L. went through the instructions she had emailed us using the Evan's Design flickering light kit for a fire so we could light our fireplaces that Tina taught awhile back.

Tina delivered all our lamp part orders and had fabric available for the upholstered furniture class she will be teaching at our All Day Workshop.

Grandpa's Dollhouse

Because of my sudden early trip to Peterborough, I had to make arrangements for Joanne R. to pick up the shipment from the Post Office of our purchases of Liz's January Daily Deals. Eight of us had bought things from Liz so we arranged to have everything sent to me. What an incredible deal that was! The postage and handling worked out to $5.60 each!

I delivered two of the orders at club tonight (to Carol K. and Maureen M.). One other order will have to be delivered separately but the remaining orders will picked up on Saturday when the rest of us will get together for lunch and "show and tell". So then I will show you all the goodies we bought AND all the wonderful extras that Liz sent us.

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  1. Hi Maureen. Isn't it fun to wait to open the Daily Deal buys until everyone is together? That's what we do here in Fredericton as well. It's just as exciting to see what everyone else purchased as it is to see your own. - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB http://charminis.blogspot.ca