Sunday, February 14, 2016

Yippee! Got something done!

Thanks for all the support during my drought!

Friday night I was talking for DS Shirley (Grahame's wife) and she said she had some scrapbooking paper that might work for the clock. But she only had one sheet. She brought it over yesterday and that sort of got me thinking.

There's enough to do one side and the back but the design doesn't lend itself to piecing the reminder to do the second side so I guess I'll just use it for the back.

The plan was to take the whole day today to work on the clock. BUT great-nephew, Matt Dunstone's, rink has been playing in the semi-final and final of the Manitoba provincial curling. And it's not easy to keep an eye on the curling and mini at the same time!

However, I have managed to get something done. BTW, my camera is working properly again!

I found some RL molding that will hold the fridge magnet ship on its own and the ship in a bottle with a ledge added.

The stands look to be a bit better match to the paper in person.
I'm concerned about putting the paper on the back sturdily enough that the shelves can be glued in place and stay properly. Think I might use solid lines of carpet tape to secure the paper to cardstock then carpet tape to attach it to the foamcoare.

I'm also adding a few things to the bottom half of the clock. I have a bag of brass musical instruments and notes in my Christmas stash. I cut the rings off them and have just placed them on the wall for now.

Will glue them in place later.

I have a big stack of driftwood, some RL sea glass, and lots of very tiny shells and a crab I'm planning on putting on the bottom.

Somewhere (?) I have a great laser cut bracket from Liz (Grandpa's Dollhouse) that I need to find to hold a wonderful brass lantern from my stash.

It's coming together!

Had to stop and watch the last end of the curling game. Matt lost on the last rock but he's still going to Denmark for the Junior Men's Curling World Championship. Well played, both teams!

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