Thursday, January 7, 2016

Finally, here's the list of things to complete this year!

In no particular order:

For years I've had an old Ikea wood-framed greenhouse that I planned to add to the Bombay House as a sunroom. But it just didn't ring true somehow so when I discovered that Ikea had a new greenhouse available I thought I would try this new one instead. (For only $19.99)

The end wall and roof pieces.

The sides.

The base.

Sides in place

With top propped open

And closed

'Sort of' in place. I need to move the house forward to the front of the sunroom is even with the front of the house.

The wooden frame is what I made years ago as the beginning of a hot tub . The pictures are so foggy because the plastic film is still on the plexiglass.

What needs to be done:
Move dollhouse forward
Frame a hole in the plexi for the french doors from the kitchen
Finish the hot tub
Either put stairs down from the kitchen or raise the floor in the sunroom

Lots of maybes on this one....

My second project is the three room roombox:
Bare bones
 Pamela dropped by the other day so I put some of the furniture and accessories in it so she could see where I plan on going with it.

With some of the possible furniture in place
What needs to be done:
Ceiling crown molding
Trying to figure out putting in a clothes closet
Fireplace in the sitting room
Handrail and fixtures on the tub
Biggest thing is to find a place to put it!

The third project is Vern's Attic for the grandchildren.

Box of stuff to fill it!
To be done:
Vapour barrier
Fill it - have most of the stuff for that
Write a book to go with it to explain to Jonah and Holly the stories behind everything.

The kitchen:
Things roughly in place...
All the cabinets need to be painted the dark grey of the island. I've used Cottage Paint on the island and it didn't work well so I'm hoping that if I wash the other cabinet pieces with Pinesol, they will take the paint better. If not, I don't know what I'll do.
Thinking of maybe going with a red back wall.
Not too sure about the flooring - there's already wood flooring.
Maybe a small cupboard at the back right hand to hold cleaning supplies (vacuum, broom, etc.)
Fill the cupboards and fridge
Maybe a hanging rack for pots and pans
Display some of my copper pots and pans

I also have two lamp roombox kits to do. My nephew James is marrying in April so might want to make a small roombox for him and Erin.

So I guess this will keep me busy for a month or two...or three....

Spent a good portion of today shopping with Joanne so have to spend tomorrow (Friday) finishing the cleanup from Christmas and preparing for Mini Day Out on Saturday. Will try to post about MDO on Saturday.


  1. Que grandes proyectos,estaré encantada de ver su realización!!!!
    Yo también tengo guardado el invernadero metálico de Ikea.

    1. Gracias , Pilar . Espero que pueda llegar a todos ellos terminado.
      Abrazos, Maureen

  2. Hi Maureen! I love, love, love the IKEA greenhouse. I'm going to try to see if I can buy it online since we don't have an IKEA down east anymore. I love what you're doing with the kitchen and the dark grey on the island. When I looked at it I thought how great it would look with a solid white counter top and the back cabinets white with a solid dark grey or black countertop - just the opposite. I always liked the look of two different coloured cabinets in the kitchen. Either way - all grey or grey and white - would look great with a red wall. I can't wait to see what direction you decide to go in. - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB P.S. Recently sold the house in PEI - we just weren't using it very much anymore. Oh well.