Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bit more work on the cupboards

Well, I got all the counter tops off the rest of the lower cabinets and the dishwasher.

This is really proof you have to watch VERY carefully when using the microwave to take pieces apart.

With the dishwasher, I was a bit concerned about using the microwave as there's a magnet holding the door closed. With that in mind, I first tried to take the top off by cutting through the paint holding the counter top on and prying it off. That didn't work:

So I did use the microwave for one minute. Waah! The magnet didn't prove to be a problem but the paint did. As you can see it bubbled. But the top did come off.

I didn't check the bottom of the corner cabinet. There was a metallic sticker on the bottom and it caused a pretty bad burn. At least it won't be visible. While the tops are off, I'll be able to take the doors off and paint in otherwise inaccessible areas.

So now I need to do the touch-ups, second coats where needed, a light coat of varnish then I can worry about their placement and make the marble counter tops.

YIPPEE! Matt's Manitoba rink won the Junior Men's curling championship and are off to the World's in Denmark. The first end was a bit rocky but they hit their stride in the second and there was no looking back.

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