Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas vignette

Off to a great start!

You may recall that originally I was going to make a Christmas vignette in the containers from the chocolates that Val gave me. As we were leaving the MEE Christmas party, Bev gave me her leftover Black Forest cake. Unlike other cake holders, the lid to this one is completely smooth so this will be the setting for my vignette.

First I used the computer to draw two circles: one is 7 1/4" to cut a piece of formcore to cover the base and another 7 5/8" for the carpet.

Here the foamcore is cut and in place.

Some of the pieces of carpet that I looked at.

The carpet template taped to the wrong side of the carpet I chose.

Dry-fitting the carpet.

Gluing the foamcore in place.

This will eventually become a pen.

Trying placement of items.

This piece was from a trophy that I rescued from the garbage (a lot of) years ago.

 It will make a base for this piece of agate that I bought in Nova Scotia some years ago.

Now the carpet is glued in place.

Gift wrapping/card writing table. I have the rolls of wrapping paper in a container by the chair; wrapped presents on the floor; tree ready to be decorated; some rolls of ribbon (not in the picture); scissors; tape; bow; and a bowl that now contains potato chips. Guess I'll need a can of cola to go with the chips, some Christmas cards, the pen and something in the open box.

Think it's coming together.


  1. Es una escena preciosa y tan navideña!!!!! Muy bueno el contenedor de chocolates como presentador!!!

    1. Pilar , muchas gracias por todo su apoyo . Me encanta escuchar de usted. Grandes abrazos,

  2. Already looks great! I love the way you used the container.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. Always incredible Maureen! This is brilliant...Debbie

  4. Always incredible Maureen! This is brilliant...Debbie

  5. I'm glad this is in the Advent Calendar. I love re-using,, and you aRe a champ! Sorry, kittten helping. Type

    1. Thanks so much Kirsten. (Love that your kitten was helping you type LOL)
      Just trying to figure out how to make this year's potluck dinner scene.