Thursday, October 1, 2015

I am weary....

I had really planned on finishing my workroom tonight but I'm just too tired. If you had seen it when I started, you'd know that it's about 3/4 finished. I am feeling good about what has been done though.

There was a pile of magazines in the workroom bookshelf. Only four of them belonged there. The rest were duplicates so I took them upstairs to Barb R. Most were Nutshell News so should give her some great ideas. In return, she gave me three chocolate cupcakes which was great because I had no chocolate left in the apartment.

I just noticed that the right door on the kitchen island was out of whack.
Turned it upside down and realized that the pin was missing so I found a half inch pin that will fix it.
Clipped off a bit of the pin and pushed it in and fixed it!

Found this chrome table and chairs in my stash. (from Liz at Grandpas Dollhouse)  It might work as a kitchen nook as the room will not be big enough to include a dining room area. Have to think about it. I am not wild about the colour. If I use it here, I might want to change the colour to red.

WAY off topic: Tonight KSPS (Spokane Public Television) began re-showing the  British version of House of Cards. While I have seen and enjoyed the American version with Kevin Spacey, this is a favourite and I recommend it.


  1. Tu cuarto de trabajo está quedando estupendo,ánimo que te queda poco!!!!
    Perfecto el arreglo de la puerta y ese conjunto de mesa y sillas es fabuloso! buena idea si lo cambias de color,quedará genial.

    1. Gracias,, Pilar. Espero voy a terminar el taller pronto! La cocina se resolverá cuando llegue el momento de hacerlo.
      Abrazos, Maureen