Thursday, October 1, 2015

How the bulletin boards are hung and....getting away ahead of myself

These are inexpensive bulletin boards from WalMart and Superstore. Think they were about $8 - 9. A couple were picked up at garage sales also. I also have five others that are used in front of shelving for a total of 26 bulletin boards so the total cost is not particularly cheap but on the other hand I bought them over a period of probably 10 years so it wasn't too bad over all.

Basically, you centre a clothes hanger over the top of the bulletin board, drill a hole through the bulletin board close to either end then wire the hanger to the bulletin board.

Stainless steel hangers work well if you can find them.

These plastic hangers are about 3/8" in diameter and they work well also.

Two problems with this one: (1) the wires should be closer to the ends of the hanger and (2)  the hanger isn't heavy enough.

I'm jumping the gun here but just couldn't resist. LOL.  This roombox was from Bonnie's estate sale. The hole in the back is for wiring and the piece in the back corner fits in it to make it smaller. It does have a fairly nice wooden floor.

Here's most of my collection of kitchen furniture.
Don't particularly like the sink. Fridge is good (also have two more in the stash). Choice of two microwave ovens. The stove on the left needs work but not wild about the one on the right. Needs thinking.

Plan on painting these pieces white with chalk paint.
But that's for another day...

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  1. Thanks for tutorial! I also like the corner cabinets!