Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Canada Post....

I am SO angry with Canada Post. The delivery of our club's kits from Grandpa's Dollhouse arrived today!

This is what happened! As I posted to the Canada Post FB page:

I am beyond annoyed (can't/won't) say exactly how I feel for fear of being deleted. I live in a condo at 78A McKenney Avenue, St. Albert, AB. This afternoon as I was leaving the building, another resident told me that there was a Canada Post delivery notice on the door for me. I looked and, sure enough, it was there. I was home all day and did not get a call (surprise, surprise!). There were EIGHT "attempted delivery" notices! Another resident came down and said she had seen the CP vehicle come through the parking lot and had awaited a call. (Nothing!) 

This was an order that consisted of three 40 lb. boxes. I am 68 years old, do not drive, and it's .8 km to the nearest post office. I was home and could have accepted delivery in a couple minutes. Now I have to arrange for a ride and pick the parcels up..... 

This is SO typical of Canada Post and I'm fed up! I'm venting here because I know if I call "the number", I'll just get a (doubtful/maybe, if I'm lucky), "sorry" but definitely "there's nothing we can do about it". 

I do understand that in three or so weeks our condo will receive the 'package mail boxes' supplied by Canada Post which will supposedly relieve this problem but that doesn't help the residents of our condo now.

I am SO angry, tired and frustrated!

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  1. And for GOOD REASON too Maureen!
    Canada Post is a Hot Mess right now and I am sure that those still employed could really care less at this stage of the game, especially as significant changes are already looming over the horizon.