Monday, September 7, 2015

Beds are finished (except for the blankets and pillows)

Although I have several beds in my stash, these beds had to be small enough to fit in the upstairs so I decided to make them from cardstock and matboard. The bed is a simple box of cardstock with a headboard of matboard. (The measurements are on the pieces but you can make them any size you want or need.

This will make a bed 2 1/2" x 5" and 1" tall.

The corners are folded together and glued, then the sides are folded in and glued (with an overlap on the bottom.

The ends are folded and glued to the end of the box.

And here's the box itself.

The headboards are traced on the back side of the matboard, then a glass is used to mark a curve for the top of the headboards.

Ready to cut.

The headboard glued to the bed. The white along the edge is painted with a gold marker. Then the second bed was made.

Then made a smaller box for Baby Bear's bed.

And the headboard for Baby's bed. (I ended up shortening this by 1/4" before gluing to the bed.)

For the mattresses, I folded up some nice fleece from my stash. Papa's mattress is two layers of fleece; Mama's is six layers and Baby's is four. (Too hard; too soft and just right!)

I have some pale green fleece that I think I'll use for blankets; two large pillows for Mama and Papa and will have to make one for Baby.

The dresser and vanity won't both fit in the bedroom so will probably just use the vanity - and the painting on it is clearer anyway.

Joanne found a third bowl of porridge in her stash. She also found a Franklin stove that we think will work for the kitchen...and I have some wood for the stove. I think I'll just make a little cupboard with a sink. I have a great water pump that would be appropriate but don't know if any of the students - or their parents for that matter - would know what it is. So may end up using taps.

It's coming together...

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