Monday, August 17, 2015

My latest project - the lamp roombox!

First of all, thanks to all of you who asked about my Mom. She's doing well. (92nd birthday is next week!)

This is one of the finished lamps from the kit that Liz and Wayne of Grandpa's Dollhouse designed for Camp Mini HaHa last fall.

I fell in love with the project and presented it to the Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton club as our project for this year. Joanne and I received our kits early from Liz and Wayne so we can put them together in time to show them as samples for our membership table at the Show and Sale.

Here are the sections of the kit organized into work sections.

This is the 'removable' insert. This allows you to put a scene together on an insert and drop it into the roombox....and make another different scene on another insert...and exchange them as the season - or your feelings - call for it.

And the lighting system is very easy to install.

I am SO excited about finally putting this together (with video instructions from Wayne).

The best thing about this project is that is (1) it has practical use - the lamp; (2)  it has so little to do for the outside of the project - I hate doing the "box" itself; and (3) the joy is filling the inside of the project. And for this one, I can make several "insides".

Already loving it.....

Posting: This will show up on Tuesday which is the day that Joanne and I are meeting with Carol and June for lunch before they go to a class at Paint for Joy in St. Albert. Then we're going to Tina's for a smaller MEE group get-together.


  1. Replies
    1. Isn't it great! I especially like that you can change the inside decor so easily.

  2. look great!! I wish the picture was bigger I can hardly see insider can you take more up-close this is something I would love to do I have the lamp and the frame box made out of frames.

    1. Hi, Chris,
      As you will see on today's blog, I tried to enlarge the picture for you (with little luck) but I did post another of Patricia's lamp treatment. And some of my thoughts on what I will do eventually. Great that you're going to do the one made of picture frames.

  3. Wayne and I are so pleased to be making this kit for your club, Maureen! I can't wait to see what everyone does with them. I love the lamp as well. I have two for my livingroom and change the inserts for holidays and such. I love having a miniature that has function! Have fun creating!

    1. Liz and Wayne,
      I'm so excited about this kit! It is SO easy to put together (which is good since I bought three of them LOL).