Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My beads and findings

I've have SO much cleaning and organizing that needs to be done. Although it was not at the top of the list, I decided to organize my beads and findings.

There are two KIS shoeboxes full of 'stuff', including six pill containers full of beads. My family is forever giving me bits of jewellery to be taken apart for the beads so first order of business is to take apart all the jewellery and sort and bag the beads.

Picked up two of these at Dollarama the other day and went back and picked up four more today.

They're a good size for most findings.

Bonus! The new boxes fit quite nicely in some Ferraro Rocher boxes I have. So yesterday and today, I got the findings all sorted and in the boxes. One of the pill boxes also contained findings so I took the strips out and placed them in the F-R boxes. The empty box worked well for bigger pieces. So that part of the sorting is finished.

And here is one box with the cover on.

Now to start sorting through the beads. Almost everything is now in Ziploc bags so the plan is to sort them by colour (mostly) and put each colour in a larger Ziploc of its own. Hopefully all the beads will fit in one shoebox.

So - back to it............

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