Monday, August 31, 2015

More Cleaning - Donation to Club

The Miniature Enthusiasts of Edmonton Club has a lending library that members can access. I've decided that many of my books would be better served by being in that than being in my work room.

Many of them are on making period accessories and furniture - which I do not do. I like to make my own furniture and accessories but when I do, I usually sit with the RL piece in front of me and try to build from that.

I pulled enough books, so far, to fill one box and will take them to club on Tuesday so Marg, our librarian, can catalogue them. All but three, I think, are actual books about miniatures. The others are full size furniture making and decorating books full of patterns and ideas.

I have kept my Helen Ruthberg, Venus and Martin Dodge, and Joan McElroy books. (Some things you just can't part with.) Still haven't finished totally sorting the books but the ones I'm already donating weigh a ton so this will do for now.

That still leaves me with three shelves of binders (plus other things) that need to be sorted through.

And THAT is definitely a SOMEDAY project.........

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