Monday, August 24, 2015

All Day Workshop on Saturday

Saturday was our all day workshop at the church. Lucille taught a great workshop on doll wigging, the main thrust of the day. Some of us who weren't making dolls just worked on whatever took our fancy.

Tina worked on some baskets for the Show and Sale on September 20.

Inger's doll:
Trineke's doll:
 Oops! Forget whose this was.
 June's doll:
 And another by June (with a dolly):
 Think this was Lil's:
 Carol worked on filling her 1:48 Christmas stall:
 Some of the pieces to go in it:

One of Theresa's dolls. She's new to our club and is making five dolls! She has done such a great job that her children thought she had bought them! Now that's encouraging.
 I worked on the display of this coming year's project. Still have a couple small things to do, paint it and fill it. I bought some mahogany gel stain for it but think I'm going to use chalk paint instead.
 Finally got to use this great jeweller's drill that I bought at Princess Auto a while back to replace one that was my Dad's that finally gave up the ghost. (Used it to attach the frame that holds the light in place.

Joanne and I went back to Home Sense on Thursday (?) and picked up all the shades they had in this style. Bit big, maybe, but they were only $14.99 each.

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