Thursday, July 23, 2015

Got the roof started!

Love these mukluk liners but they're filled with something!

So got my tweezers and started pulling!

No wonder they were so stiff! It just kept coming and coming!
 This is what's finished so far. Unfortunately, it's only about half of what's on my list of things to go into it.

I had started to shingle the roof with sandpaper. But then I got some sheets of shingles at club one night (stacked to the left of the attic) so I'm going to use those.
 But first I'm going to put some flashing around the edge of the dormer roof. This is some light-weight brass that I got at Lee Valley years ago. Cut two strips of it and backed it with double-sided carpet tape.

In place....

My first strip of shingles:
 Backed with double-sided carpet tape, then marked around the dormer.

One strip down - about 14 more to go. I've marked lines every 3/4" across the roof. Now to finish!

My original thought was to install it all with the carpet tape but that means double cutting everything. So think I'll try to glue it. I didn't bring any clamps with me so that may not be the best idea. But I'll give it a try and see what happens.

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