Saturday, June 27, 2015

Totally non-mini

My dd Leanne and dsil Robert lost their younger rabbit furdaughter on Thursday. It is SO heartbreaking when your children are hurting so much and you can't do anything to make it better.

I do not cope well with heat. 24 degrees celsius ( 75 degrees F.) is the warmest that I care to deal with. The last few days have hit 30 C (86 F) and tomorrow is expected to be 'feels like' 36C (97F) and it will be a week before it goes back to 24.

SO stupid! Early this morning I decided to run a few errands before the heat got too bad. I wanted to deposit a cheque at the bank/withdraw some cash; get my eyeglasses adjusted; pick up a bicycle lock for my storage unit; and get some sunscreen to deal with the sun while I go out in the next while.

It's 1 km downhill to my bank. At the bottom of the hill, I realize that I do NOT have the cheque for deposit! It's not an emergency deposit so I decide to just finish off the rest of the errands but I'm really angry with myself. BIG TIME stupid!

Went to Pearle Vision. Kirsten (hope I got that right) did an incredible job of adjusting my glasses. (They were so out of whack that they were 1/4" higher on one side than the other.)

We have a condo block party tomorrow (sponsored by Crimestoppers and the City of St. Albert). Quite looking forward to it but concerned about the heat!

I DID buy a portable air conditioner a month ago so things are much more comfortable in the condo. But somehow just knowing what the temperature is makes me REALLY lazy! Don't seem to get anything done.

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