Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Some great minis for sale!

Sorry I'm so late with this information but I was in Ontario with my grandchildren's first communion. It was a wonderful trip with a wonderful family visit! A family member even taught us how to make ceviche as part of my granddaughter's study of Peru.

Back to minis!

Hoanie's e-bay address is  http://stores.ebay.ca/kailusky66?_rdc=1 In addition to her wonderful lighting fixtures, she is also doing some great Christmas things! Hope you'll take a look!

Jo-Ann Shaw also has some of her great work available on e-bay. She also has a sporran available for those of you who are Scots. (Don't think that link will work unless you're a member of Canada Minis.) But a lot of her incredible work can be seen here.

Will catch up later!


  1. Hi Maureen. I hope you remember me when I used to be on Canada minis. I have not done any miniatures for several years now but I would like to use some of my old supplies to make hutches to sell for our Church's Christmas bazaar. I am asking for your advice on what colours to paint each of these that would appeal to others. My tastes are old fashioned and outdated (I still like stained wood) but people today do not seem to like wood anymore. I have never sold anything before but this would be one thing I could give to the church as I do not do knitting or sewing very well. The other ladies were enthused about my mini hutches but we have no idea on what prices to put on them. Would you be able to help me out as far as the colours and prices. I am doing one for every room in the house including the garage and garden.

  2. My email is dplayter@rogers.com