Sunday, June 21, 2015

Back to Vern's Attic

I have to finish the attic by the end of July when Sean, Julie and the grands are coming for a visit. They're travelling with the trailer so they'll have a way to transport it home.

BUT I have to pet/house sit for Leanne and Robert for two weeks in July so I have to schedule the work accordingly. At this point, the plan is to wire, finish the walls and ceiling, and shingle the attic at their place. I'd like to get all the contents done here before then as I don't want to have to deal with packing up all the zillion things that I would need to work on them.

These are the things that I have so far to go in the attic.

Tonight I took a lot of pictures of a few more things that I want to include.

Vern worked a lot in the NWT and over the years bought some Inuit art. There were four prints in particular that he purchased. Sean and Leanne have two of them in their home and I have two in my living room (and in the Bombay house in miniature). So, I'll miniaturize the two that I have for the attic.

I've resized these and printed them on photo paper. Tomorrow, I'll add the silver frames. 

Sorry I can't rotate this....but it's a poem I had framed for Vern years ago.

Also some of his absolutely favourite Christmas gifts from Sean and Julie were the photo calendars that they gave us. So I'm attempting to copy the 2011 one for the attic. This is going to be hard but I hope that I can manage it.

I want to include a book with the attic that tells the story of each piece so that may be something that I can work on at Leanne and Robert's.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the history of this project, my DH Vern died in July 2011 when Jonah and Holly were 5 and 3. In the fall of 2011, our club project was the attic. Originally, I had no intention of doing it until our club president, Tina, said she was doing hers in memory of her late husband. I sat down one night and came up with a long list of things that represented Vern and Leanne added more things to it. Neither Sean nor Leanne wanted the attic for themselves but I decided that it would be a good way to show Jonah and Holly a bit more about their Grandpa Vern.

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