Friday, March 6, 2015

The Unveiling!!

Although not expected until Wednesday, our orders from Liz at Grandpa's Dollhouse arrived on Monday. Fortunately, the 'unveiling' was not scheduled until today (Friday) as I went to get up from the couch on Sunday and was in such pain in my back that I could hardly move. Almost back to normal now but the first few days were really bad!

Here are all our orders set out on the table with Gwen's in the big box below the table.

Here the table is set for lunch.

Joanne was the first to arrive and brought along this backpack that had just arrived in  the mail. As was the pair of skates I showed you a couple weeks ago, this was made by JoAnn Shaw of Nova Scotia. I am just gobsmacked by JoAnn's work in all media I have seen so far (pottery, leather and wood). 

 Barb R. and Maureen M. showing off their goodies.

June  K. joined us also. Carol K.'s plane from Arizona didn't arrive until the early hours this morning so June also picked up her order.
Gwen  R. joined us also. She's not a member of MEE (yet) but we see her at unveilings and at our Show and Sale. 

Gwen brought along some of her work to show us (sorry, didn't get pictures) and gave me this lovely window box.

My order: 
Two wing back chairs which may go in the sitting room!

Two Bespaq footstools that will also probably end up in the sitting room.

But I may end up using them in next year's club project - will have to see.

Love this little corner cabinet....sitting room!

Love this vintage kitchen table. My original thought was to paint it red but the green is growing on me. Have a kitchen in mind for this.

Don't know why the heck I ordered the air conditioner! The TV is beautifully detailed...might go in the sitting room.

I expect that these Bespaq balloon back chairs will go in the dining room of the Bombay House to replace the old chairs there.

A couple water bottles, two small crowns, a box of fig newtons and some great avocadoes.
Liz, bless her heart, also sent along a 'grab bag' of neat things for us to share. And, wow, this one had some great things in it, including three wonderful laser-cut signs and a Quin birdhouse. 
I took this gift and two jewelled crowns from the grab bag.

The only leftovers from the 'grab bag'! 
After opening and sharing, we had lunch. Gwen had to leave for her quilting club at 1:00 but the rest of us visited until two.

It's always such a joy to have a visit like this. We always say we'll do it more often but never seem to get around to it.

Joanne and I spent some time this week playing with possibilities in my current project so hope to get working on it least, something small....anything....just to get going on it!

But it won't be tomorrow as Joanne and I will be working the St. Albert Public Library book sale. Just hope I don't come home with a pile of books!

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