Saturday, March 14, 2015

Crown molding started

I was working on the bathroom and found the towel holders but didn't want to install them until I made sure the wallpaper was firmly in place - it's been giving me problems - and the crown molding was installed.

So I emptied the rooms and turned the box upside down so I could measure the crown molding for installation. And there it sat!

The pieces of molding  for the bathroom and sitting room are 40" long and each room takes about 39" so I cannot make a mistake. (I have a different molding for the bedroom but there's more leeway for mistakes on that one.)

I've been procrastinating but finally made the first cut this morning when the phone rang. Joanne wanted me to join her on a shopping trip. It's an absolutely beautiful 17 degree centigrade day and much too nice to stay indoors so I said yes.

One of our stops was at Indigo Books where the latest J. D. Robb book was on sale 40% off so, of course, I bought it! (Never a doubt about that LOL)

We had a late lunch and Joanne gave me a rough time about reading the book before I got some of the things on my must-do list done. So I came home, cleaned the guest suite, made some phone calls, cut the crown molding (for one room only) and wrote this so now I can read my book.

I put the leftover piece of molding in the middle so you could see how close the measurements are!

Needs to be painted and glued in place but it has given me the confidence to cut the rest tomorrow.

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  1. 17 degrees! Wow, we have only seen 8 degrees so far. Lucky you! Your box is looking great. Thanks for sharing! P.S. - Let me know if they book is a good one. :-)