Monday, March 30, 2015

Billy Joel "The Piano Man"

I'm a big Billy Joel fan and The Piano Man  is one of my favourites so I have been following my favourite miniaturist, Alice Zinn, as she has put this together for display at Chicago International. How I wish I could be there to see it!

She has two videos of it: this one and another viewed through the aquarium. Alice has also posted pictures of the components of the scene on PictureTrail.

There is an MP3 player in the ceiling of the room that actually plays The Piano Man through two speakers. Almost everything is made from scratch or altered by Alice.

Sorry I've not been posting but the mini muse has definitely left so I'm 'amusing' myself by housecleaning. Blah!

My friend, Jo-Ann Shaw listed some new items and relisted some others on eBay today. She has 1:12 scale pottery, snowshoes, mukluks, leather skates and backpacks and even a kit if you want to make your own. Well worth a look. 

Jo-Ann does incredible work. You can see the backpack here and the figure skates here. I have seen her pottery and tables in person and they are wonderful.

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