Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Some answers...

Still have not started working on the lingerie case but I have made one before. It is in the bedroom of my Bombay house:

That is it in the corner. All the drawers work! (Which I love!)

These kits have been discontinued but there are quite a few of them available on e-bay. There are four pieces in the Bombay bedroom made from these kits (bought on e-bay) and I have two more in my stash that I found in a miniature shop in Phoenix a couple years ago. Just Google Houseworks Signature Series Federal Collection to find the e-bay listings.

Susanne also asked about the dollhouses that can be seen in some pictures of the dining room. The taller one is from Costco and came fully furnished. My children gave it to me for Christmas 6 or 7 years ago. I have made quite a few changes in the furnishings and some changes in wall coverings.

The Bombay House is by far my favourite house! It still needs quite a bit of work (door and window frames, curtains, window seat in the wide front wall and the addition of a deck outside the kitchen).
I blogged about my work on it between November 7, 2011, and February 7, 2012. This one is completely electrified.

These doors would painted by my friend Adrian Cooper. Eventually, I hope to add a patio with hot tub on this side of the house. Love the doors but they sure take a big chunk of useable floor space out of the kitchen.
Elizabeth, glad you liked the fishing reel idea. I found a picture of one for you. Another thought is for the curved part on the top of the lighter:

Thought this might be the basis for a napkin holder in a diner...but have never tried it myself.

Well, it has been 24 days with a spotless (well, clean, anyway) place. Do not think it will last much longer. Want to put my work table back up in the living room and get some serious work done.

But I will try to clean up between projects.....

Hope this answers all your questions. My problem is that I read comments on my tablet but hate answering anything on that teensy-tiny keyboard so I promise myself that I will answer later when I am at the computer....but I get sidetracked and forget to do it. Sorry!


  1. Sorry to put you to work! I`m just so curious and couldn`t walk away from those DH`s just standing there.
    Thank you so much for info. and photos.

    The DH`s are wonderful. But if I look at the furniture and nick-nack, the Costco house is great, but I simply love the Bombay House.
    The black bedroom and bathroom...Love it all.

    Thank you so much for sharing, dear friend....And for the email.

    Take care.

    1. No need to apologize, dear friend. The Costco dollhouse is one that is just "there: but the Bombay House is my favourite that has all my 'good 'things in and I have put an extra special effort into. I, too, love the black and white....if you went back and read all the initial posts, you will know that the wall in the bedroom is reversible!
      Hugs, Maureen