Sunday, January 18, 2015

Major changes in plans...

First of all, as much as I like the light bar in the room(s):

the rooms call out for individual lights....and I certainly have enough of them:

Lower left is a huge selection of lights, plugs and lamp shades.

The ones on the left are battery operated. The pale blue sconces in the middle are from Petite Images. Just love them.
So I'm going to light the rooms with these fixtures which, of course, means that lighting will be on hold until I decide on furniture and its placement.

Additionally, I've bought some new furniture for the sitting room from Grandpa's Dollhouse Daily Deals. The two couches I had originally planned for the sitting room are beautiful pieces of furniture but they would be terribly uncomfortable in a sitting room. (I think they'll end up on the patio that's planned for the Bombay house.) So I've ordered two wing chairs and two footstools from Liz.

I also want to put a closet in. Space-wise, it would fit better in the bathroom but my head tells me it should be in the bedroom. (I'll put a faux door between the bedroom and bathroom) The door to the sitting room will be in the hall.)

I've some new pieces that I want for the rooms so they're on my to-do list.

I think, though, that my major immediate thrust should be to put away all the accessories that are in shoeboxes in my workroom and do some tidying in there.

One way or the other, I WILL work on something tomorrow and tell you about it. Promise!

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