Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Nursery is Finished!

Once the outside was done, the inner walls were next. I wanted the window from the original roombox but wasn't going to cut a hole in the wall of the new roombox. I found a picture on the internet of a backyard and sized it to the window. Then Marie send me a picture of Laura and David.

I sized the pictures, framed the picture of Laura and David, and printed each picture twice - once on photo paper and once on card stock.

The frame itself (on cardstock) was cut out and the photo with frame on photo stock was cut out. The inner edge of the frame was coloured with black marker.
Then the frame was glued on the picture and the outer edge of both coloured with black marker.

The window frame, plastic and the picture were all glued together then glued to the wall.

 OOPS!! That valence is WAY crooked! At least I caught that in time to fix it.

Bit of a change. Since I was adding the rocking chair, thought I'd add some shelving for books and the princess ornaments and piggy bank from my stash. Also moved the changing blankets from the crib to the shelving.

left corner

right corner The outfit on the changing table is by Linda Austin of Spruce Grove AB.

Overview. The diaper holder is hung from a sequin pin (drilled a hole then glued it in).

The table and two chairs in the front middle were a project when I first joined MEE.

right side The dollhouse is a printie. The rocking horse is from one of the first Edmonton Shows I ever attended. My friend, Chryssa Sharp, came up from Calgary and we attended the show together. She insisted on painting the rocking horse for me. Don't recall where I got the telephone pull toy but it's a painted metal mini. The boxed train set is by Penny Spence from Vancouver Island. Don't recall where the duck pull toy came from. Think the Winnie the Pooh was a Christmas ornament.

Another OOPS! I used too much glue when I tucked the fabric into the slot for the plexiglass. I could possibly force the plexi in place but I'd never get it out so I have to solve that little problem.

Usually I glue things in place for transport but don't really want to do that with this so think I'll probably pack things up and give Marie lots of pictures so she can re-construct it when she gets it home.

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  1. I love the room. Especially the flower table, so cute.