Tuesday, December 30, 2014

One light installed

Thought I'd install one light to begin with.

A plate goes on first. Because the rooms have textured ceilings, I used Liquid Nails to attach the plate then used the two short screws supplied to keep it secure. Then the light just slides on to the plate.

Wow! Look how bright the light is.

While the front of the light isn't terribly obvious, I think if I paint it white it will blend into the room more.

Right side

Left side
I like the light bars so think I'll go ahead and install the other two.

Then while the rooms are empty, think I'll add white crown molding to all three rooms. That will be tricky as my two strips  of crown molding are 36" each and the amount I need is as bout 35 1/2" so my cuts will have to be perfect. For the sitting room, I have two 24" of dentil molding so I have a bit more leeway there.

I'll eventually add white baseboards but that can wait until all other decisions have been made.

OH, SH*T! At least I only have one light up....That light is too close to the back of the room to allow for the crown molding. Have to rethink some of this. Hate it when I make a mistake like that! I think, however that the dentil molding will fit in the bedroom so I should be able to do the crown molding in the outer two rooms if I move the lights forward a bit.

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