Sunday, December 28, 2014

Belated Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We certainly did - although it was a bit different this year. My DS Marie and BIL came down from Peace River this year to spend Christmas Day with three of their four children and Leanne's Robert didn't arrive home until Christmas Day night so we all got together at DS Shirley and BIL Grahame's on Boxing Day this year. Leanne brought dinner for all of us. She's an incredible cook so everything was incredibly delicious.

Leanne and Robert picked Mom and me up then we headed over to Shirley and Grahame's. Don't think we could have put one more bag or package in the SUV. Shirley and Grahame's friend, Marilyn, was there when we arrived and Marie and Rob's daughter, Stephanie, joined us later and stayed for dinner.

We had a wonderful time opening gifts and visiting then had a lovely salmon dinner.

I certainly hit the jackpot mini-wise!

One of my gifts from Marie had a bow made from 3 metres of wired ribbon that I can see myself using in a Christmas scene - maybe as drapes or even as upholstery. The four pins were with another gift. Beautifully thin, long pins that I can see myself using.

Mom's gifts had metres of this 1/4" ribbed gold ribbon. I think it could be painted white and used as baseboards or wainscoting. And some cord that will be used for something.

I had forgotten that Shirley had said she would be giving me these lights. They will fit in my roomboxes. Then Mom surprised me with another set!!

Incredibly bright light! 
I had taken David and Laura's nursery over to deliver to Marie and Rob so immediately put the batteries in one of the lights and Rob will install it when they get home.

This was a 'just because' gift from Marie. The box contains 18 different minerals and the paper identifies them. Not too sure what I'll end up doing with them.

From Marie: a box of lights, some porcelain roses, a little bird and five bracelet links.

A larger picture of the bracelet links. They are gorgeous and I think they will be incorporated into a fireplace maybe with the larger piece above the mantle.

Non-mini. Mom gave me this lovely necklace.

Mom also gave me this great apron with four pockets for wearing at workshops.
DS Carol gave us each a Breast Cancer calendar that has some lovely scenes from across Canada. If I get much more art work I'm going to have to build a second art gallery. But mustn't think of that now....

Before Christmas I cleaned the dining room carpet so moved all the big roomboxes into my workroom (which is more of a storage room these days) so I think I'll move everything back into the dining room, sort through things and hopefully get to work on the three room roombox that I started way back.

If I'm going to use the three lights from Shirley and Mom in that roombox (and I think I will), that decision has to be made before I do anything else. Then there will be some other decisions to be made - like door between bedroom and bathroom but no door between bedroom and sitting room; what am I doing about a closet; windows?

What can I do before these decisions are made?

Oh, my, way more questions than answers at this point!

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