Friday, November 28, 2014

Not quite what I had planned...

but the right thing to do. LOL

When I finished making the little tables, I was tempted to put the box and bulletin board away and leave it at that. But after thinking about it, decided that the right thing would be to empty the box and put everything on the Christmas bulletin board. Took awhile and had to cram some things together but did get it done!

Glad to have that done but it leads me to think that my next project should be to bring out all the bulletin boards and sort through the three KIS boxes of miniatures that haven't been sorted yet. (Most everything is bagged but it's still a big project.) Would be wonderful to get it done but it's such a time-consuming pain in the butt.

My friend and neighbour, Pamela, has been after me to "Christmas" the hanging on my door. There is no room for a Christmas tree so my first thought was to hang greenery along the front of the fireplace. Tried that and wasn't overly pleased so just hung a wreath there.

I absolutely LOVE this hanging which was made by Joyce Buchanan who passed away last year. It's magnificent and I've actually had some people be annoyed when I open the door because they're still busy checking things out. BUT I have to be honest with people and tell them that I didn't make it ALTHOUGH I do miniatures. One of these days I have to make something of my own to hang on the door. (That's a LONG way down on the list though!)

We are in the middle of a humongous snow storm! And it is COLD! Right now it's -25 C. (about -12 F.) I have a 15" drift of snow on the balcony! Should warm up (a bit) by Monday.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Wow! Had this great idea!

Rather than giving the tables to club members, I'm going to donate them to Meals on Wheels! One of the condo board members drives and delivers to 14 people and she gave me the name to call to find another driver for the other 10.

This is something that the St. Albert club did years ago and I'm SO enthusiastic about it!

This is making me enthusiastic about Christmas!

Mini groove back (I hope)

Our club Christmas party is next Tuesday so I came up with this little project! I finished making the little tables from the styrofoam cups and cupcake liners:

Then I got out the Christmas stuff I had left over from the Christmas shop:

The box of leftovers from the Christmas shop.

My Christmas bulletin board. Hope what's left in the box will fit on here.
So here are the 24 tables I ended up with:

 Thought the table with the candlesticks was a bit bare so added a little tree.

There are only 24 which I really hope will be enough. Our membership has really grown this year (we're up to almost 40 although 8 are associate members).

Not a GREAT project but hope this means my mini-groove is coming back.

Joanne and I went to Dollarama to get more cupcake papers this afternoon but they were sold out :-( .
I still have another set that I bought for the children's "make and take"at our next Show and Sale but hope to keep them for that.

Then we went to Canadian Tire where Joanne got a great little three drawer rolling cart for under her upstairs work room.

A good day!

And I have a little project that I hope to get done tomorrow so maybe I can overcome this lethargy and get some things done.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Random Act of Kindness

On Friday morning, Joanne, Sunni and I went to the Make It craft sale at the Enjoy Centre.

Parking is such a problem that we went at 9:00 (got a great spot!) and looked around the Enjoy Centre and had some tea before the sale opened.

The last time we were there they had run out of the flamingos so I picked up a couple this time. (I finally spotted the one I knew I had in the plant stall I did for our Little Fair on the Prairie display two years ago.) But these are so much more vivid that I wanted them for my Christmas shop. Sounds like a strange choice for a Christmas shop but my DBIL Grahame has this thing for pink flamingos and even topped their Christmas tree with one a few years ago so had to have them! Haven't put them in the Christmas shop yet but will get around to it soon.

The Make It sale was good although I don't generally buy anything ... really trying to downsize.

The one thing, though, that I cannot resist is miniature art! Think I may have to make another Art Gallery. I have so much art that didn't make it into the first one and I keep buying new pieces.

This is a set of four 2" x 2" magnet sets by North Birch Grove. Love them!

BUT the highlight of my day was this pen and ink drawing by Lois Bienvenue of Vegreville!

With the mat, it's 4 3/16" x 3 3/16". Unmatted, it's 3 1/4" x 2 1/4". I fell in love with it! Lois was talking with a couple (my condo neighbours, actually) so I waited until she was free as the picture was framed in 3/4" barnboard and I was hoping to get it unframed. I told her what I wanted it for and she looked around...then took it from the frame and said, "Merry Christmas!" What a wonderful gift!
I am blessed/thrilled!

I have to think about another Art Gallery!

This cold has really got me down. I don't feel 'sick' but I'm just so tired....Definitely, my 'get up and go' has 'got up and went'.

Today I thought of a little project that might (1) use up some of my stash and (2) get me enthused about working with minis again. I hope that tomorrow I'll be able to show you something.

Friday, November 21, 2014

SO tired...

I'm so tired and frustrated. My cold still hasn't cleared up entirely! Don't feel really sick but have absolutely NO energy!

Joanne and I went out yesterday - my first trip after I returned from Ontario!

We went to Lee Valley first. Didn't find anything for myself but found these wonderful containers for DD Leanne for her students:

These are the caps of mailing tubes! They were only 5 cents each and I thought the students could use them for painting, sorting, whatever... 
That would also work for miniatures.

This is just a miniature hint.

Joanne and I also went to Dollarama where I found these wonderful muffin cups! (24 for $1.25)

Here is one draped over a styrofoam cup!
 Then I marked the lowest mark on the styrofoam cup:
 Then I cut a strip of paper the width of that distance between the end of the muffin cup and the edge of the cup.

 Measured it around the circumfirance of the cup then cut it off with a straight blade.
Tested it again!
Glued around the bottom of the cup...
Set the cup into the muffin cup...
Touched a bit of glue to the middle of the longest point on the muffin cup then clipped it in place with a bobby pin.
Followed it around with gluing the longest point of each point of the muffin piece to the cup and holding it in place with a bobby pin.
Let it dry...
It's wonderful! But am not too sure what I will end up doing with it!

I did, however, buy one other package of the cupcake papers for Sunni to use next September for the Children's Table at our Show and Sale!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Peterborough and Bowmanville Show and Sale

One of my joys is travelling to Peterborough to spend Hallowe'en with my grandchildren. This year was even more special. After I had booked my flight, I got a message from DS Sean to call him at work as "something had come up". As Grandma's will, I immediately went into panic mode LOL. As it happened, DGS Jonah and DGD Holly had chosen to be baptized in the Catholic Church and I changed my flight to be there for Sunday, October 26 for the big day. 

Arrived in Peterborough on Saturday in time to help judge the pumpkin carving contest at Sean and Julie's, then attended the baptism Sunday afternoon and an incredible family dinner on Sunday. Spend the rest of the week visiting with Sean, Julie, Jonah and Holly.

On Sunday, November 2, went to Bowmanville for the mini sale. Wonderful dealers and had a great time meeting up with Dale of Petite Images; Fa y L. (belated Happy Birthday, Fay); our own Liz West; and Patricia S. whom I knew from CMHH. Made my day!

Especially enjoyed seeing Liz. She has done some incredible new things since last year and I bought some wonderful 1:48 landscaping items from her.

I bought these kitchen pieces from a dealer at Bowmanville for $31.

Got this for $5.00. It will go in the bath/bed/sitting room with a green silk cover.

Couldn't resist this! It's a salt and pepper from the CNE.
 Take out the S&P drawers and the sewing machine  comes up.

It's just one of those wonderful pieces that you just have to have!

Couple of pillows that came from the dealer with the  kitchen cupboards.

These incredible landscaping pieces are from Liz West! In 1:48 scale, they are meant for my friend, Joanne R.

I bought these for my Secret Garden (to be done one of these days) along with two pair of shoes for my friend Barb R.

When I arrived home, this was on my counter. My DS Carol and her DH had spend a night on their way to Phoenix AZ in my place while I was away and she left this wonderful gift for me!
I showed it to my friend, Pamela, after I arrived home. She asked about it and I found the instructions on the internet for her.

Arrived home Tuesday night then Wednesday night had a razor-blade sore throat. Throat was better this morning (Saturday) and have caught up with everything in the condo so hope to get caught up with everything else in the next couple days.