Sunday, September 28, 2014

Edmonton Doll Show

M.E.E. had a very successful information table at the Doll Show today. Think we may have picked up a few new members!

Got Christmas and birthday presents for Jonah and Holly.

Barbara W. dropped by the table and gave me these wonderful little things. The bird is by Janice Crawley, the doilies by our own Rosalle, and a couple nice boxes. Thanks, Barbara.

Haven't seen the daisy trim for a long time so was pleased to find an entire bag of it. It makes a lovely and easy bedspread. The white lace will make a wonderful bed skirt.

Here's the spread made from the daisy trim.

Spotted this little ring holder at one of the tables. (It was only $6.50.) Might use it as a towel rack in the bathroom...

Bought this cute snowwoman for DD Leanne.

Glad I had a good day as last night was several hours I'll never get back again. The nail polish remover worked - but it turned the tiles grey - so it's back to scraping the pink paint off. I'm lucky that I at least have another piece. I emailed all the M.E.E. members in the hope that someone has a piece that is already black or dark green but haven't heard anything back yet.

I have lots of tiles but I bought them with backsplashes, etc., in mind - not doing an entire floor! Have to think on this.

Somehow this last picture didn't show up in the original post.


  1. Wow the daisy bedding is gorgeous. The snowman is so cute. I hope you find a solution for your floor soon.
    Hugs Maria

  2. Thanks, Maria. I really like the daisy bedding so am thrilled that I found more of the trim. By now, you'll have seen my floor solution.
    Hugs, Maureen