Monday, May 26, 2014

PEI - part 1

Sunday morning we headed out to PEI.

Cheryl insisted that I pose by the Blueberry at Oxford, NS

and then again as we entered New Brunswick 

to access the Confederation Bridge to PEI.

So I HAVE been in New Brunswick but only to get to PEI so that doesn't really count! 

But here on in, I didn't take many pictures...Cheryl took some great ones but it'll be awhile until she forwards them to me so you'll have to wait for the goodies!

Confederation Bridge is an incredible experience: I think 8 miles connecting NB with PEI. Unfortunately by car you only catch glimpses of the ocean so I don't think you get the vision of the incredible trip you are taking. Cheryl took me to see a mural in Sobey's in Summerside (I think) that depicts the winter crossing of the strait years ago. Heart-rending.

When we arrived in PEI, we stopped at the shops at the end of the bridge. First stop was Cows Creamery for some really excellent ice cream! Then we crossed the highway to (shoot, didn't write down the name but think it was Cavendish Pottery)...In any event, great shop! 

I bought some geodes (no idea why as I already have some great ones in my stash) and some wonderful starfish (think I may do a nautical scene for DBIL Grahame - have LOTS of nautical stuff in my stash).

The highlight here was the "Anne of Green Gables" photo studio! Costumes, wigs, props and settings. It was particularly fun since we were the only people there and the wonderful gentleman spent about twenty minutes dressing me as Anne and posing me in front of the scenes. 

We went to Cheryl's twin's, Charlene's home then went out to the farm where Charlene's miniature horse, Zephyr, is boarded. Back to Charlene's and finally connected with her and returned to the farm to visit with Zephyr. What fun! Charlene harnessed the cart up to Zephyr and took me on a wonderful ride. (pictures to come)

Charlene, Cheryl and I went for dinner then Cheryl and I returned to Borden to meet Marilyn and Bruce with whom we were spending our nights in PEI.

More about these incredible hosts in the next post....

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