Thursday, May 29, 2014


First some pictures from our first day:

Here I am as Anne of Green Gables:

I'm so glad Cheryl talked me into this!

Cheryl and I

The Confederation Bridge as seen from the end of Marilyn and Bruce's street...
Oh, my, this was such a great experience! Cheryl's twin, Charlene, has a miniature horse, Zephyr! And I got to ride in the cart behind him!

Charlene, Zephyr, and I..

Heading down the trail

Trail blocked by a snow drift ! 

running in the meadow!
After this great fun and and dinner, we went back to Borden (at the end of the Confederation Bridge) and met our hosts, Marilyn and Bruce D.

I don't know what it is about miniaturists that we have this bond somehow. The first time I met Cheryl was when I arrived in Halifax seven years ago (hard to believe that it's so  few years ago) and we felt like we had known each other forever.

So we returned to Borden and knocked on Marilyn and Bruce's door and it felt like we had known them forever. An absolutely wonderful couple! Both very proud of their Irish heritage (Bruce is the Past-President of the Irish Canadian Cultural Association of New Brunswick and Marilyn is the Assistant Editor of The Shamrock Leaf - its newsletter) and are off to Ireland in June for another month there.

They have me wondering about my own Irish heritage on my father's side. I have a lot of information on the English (maternal) side of the family but none on the paternal side.

The rest of the trip tomorrow.


  1. Your pictures are great! You looked like you had alot of fun on the trail. That a great picture on the trail by the snow drift.

  2. Hi Maureen! What a hoot! The pony ride and the dressing up must have felt like being a kid again! I Adored the Anne of Green Gables series and love the Megan Follows t.v. mini series. She was a Fabulous Anne Shirley, but maybe you are having the most fun! :D


  3. Dear Maureen
    What fun you`ve had and Marylin and Bruce are people I would love to meat too. They sound to be great folks.
    I have the whole series "Anna of Green Gable" on DVD`s, I love it and I desided, that I might as well see it again soon. I must say, "they" could ring you for the next commercial.

    IF you want to know about your heritage, then go for it, but rather sooner than later. I was too late for info. about my fathers side as my grandma died before I had the answers to all my questions and I would have loved to have had more information on my mothers side.. From grandma, who knew a lot and could tell about the years in Denmark when occupied during WW2.

    I look forward to hear the rest......

    Take care, dear friend.