Saturday, April 26, 2014

Totally blown away!!!! Picture of my Dad! (to come)

Had a totally great day together mini-wise that I'll tell you about tomorrow.........

But tonight I spoke to DS Carol and she told me this story that still has me in tears because I never thought it would happen.

For years, I have known about about a picture that was published in the Star Weekly of my Dad before he was shipped overseas in WWII. It was taken in Banff and showed him shaving in the mirror of his motorcycle.

Off and on, I have Googled for that picture with no success. (And still couldn't find it tonight with all the information that I now have!)

It's been awhile since Carol and I caught up on family matters so after we had spoken at some length (close to an hour), she mentioned that someone who collects motorcycle memorabilia/pictures had contacted her through an old family friend to tell her he had the actual page with the picture of Dad (Star Weekly Toronto October 18/41: L/Cpl Connery)...and he sent it to her!

She is going to copy it and send it to me and I will post it here when I get it.

I never thought I would get to see this picture!

The blessings continue!


  1. It's exciting to find such personal things. You never know what turns up when you least expect it.