Sunday, April 20, 2014

Change to Art Gallery

I finally got around to sorting through and bagging all the items from Liz's sale and recent items from club giveaways and sales. There were a few things that I set aside for Tuesday's play date with Megan and Carter; some things that went into the "Secret Garden" box; furniture to the shelves and the smalls bagged to go on the bulletin boards (that part isn't done yet).

These two pieces HAD to go in the Art Gallery!
This gorgeous piece was in  my Awesome Buy! from Liz. I absolutely love it!

This miniature Haida basket by Danielle Perry also has to go in the Art Gallery. (I tucked the certificate of authenticity into the bottom shelf of the counter along with the bags and tissue paper.)
The last time you saw the Art Gallery I had just bought a new piece of art for it. (One of these days I really have to do the Art Gallery album on Fotki.)

I bought these beautiful beads from Another World Miniatures at our Show and Sale a couple years ago and I liked them in the Art Gallery but because I didn't put a base on them, they didn't stay in place on the counter shelf. (Something as simple as a piece of plastic cut with a 1/4" punch would have done the trick.)

I've removed them from the counter and replaced them with the vase from Liz and the basket by Danielle. (I think the one on the right -  top picture - might end up in the lady's bedroom that is on the to-do list.)

And here is what the counter looks like now:

Sometimes you have to see a picture to know what's wrong......this is better...

While I loved it as it was, I am even more pleased with these small changes.


  1. I love the art glass in the cabinet. Fantastic.

  2. Thanks....I really like art glass!