Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A good mini day/evening

I took some things over to Mom for her supper yesterday afternoon. She had a bag of jewellery that she had me look through for mini possibilities. She gave me a lovely little tennis bracelet for Holly then I found a couple things for minis. There was a card of earrings with plastic backs. She kept the earrings but I took the backs which are a wonderful teensy bell shape that can be painted with nail polish and used for Christmas ornaments. There was also a great little silver bracelet with rhinestones that will eventually become a lovely miniature necklace.

In the evening we went to the MEE general meeting where a former member, Lilianna, brought in two tables of miniatures that she was selling. GREAT items at wonderful prices but I managed to resist.

In addition, Maureen M. brought in the remaining items from Bonnie's estate sale. The miniatures were sold at 50% of the estate sale price so they were roughly 25% of the retail price. Bonnie developed and taught projects at the club for several years and there were a lot of the kits that she had prepared. These were free to club members. Great opportunity for the newbies! (Although I admit to picking up two of the kits: a 4-string banjo kit and an artists' paint and brushes kit.)

There were a couple things I just couldn't resist!

Although I almost never work in any scale other than 1:12, in 2002 at the Dallas Show and Sale, I took part in a mass pocket watch class where I made this party scene.

I knew there were three of Sue Ann (Ladybug) Thwaite's pocket watch kits available from Bonnie's estate so I headed straight for them and ended up with this one. (It's a picture of a picture so it's not terribly clear.)

Danielle Perry is a friend and former dealer at our Show and Sale. Among other things, she made incredible miniatures of Haida Indian baskets. But I did not have one so was pleased to purchase this.

Don't know who made this lovely table as it's not signed. My initial thought was that it was a John Greer piece but it also could be a piece that he taught at club. But for $4....

For $2.50, got another music stand for the music room:

WOW!!! I absolutely love this Bespaq chair that I got for only $17.50! Needed a bit of repair but three tiny dots of glue took care of that. It is SO gorgeous!


Wendy took a painting class from the same teacher that Trineke did earlier. The club is making arrangements for painting classes for the rest of us.

Sunni bought these beautiful pieces at the Phoenix Show and from a few small shops in Phoenix.

Tina bought the doll from an estate sale at a shop in Phoenix and the other items are from the Phoenix Show and Sale. The china is exquisite! The red-handled cutlery is for her re-creation of their family trailer years ago.

New, Quick Project:
Off and on today, I've been working on some ideas for the project that I'll be working on with Megan and Carter next week. Their great-aunt, Jeanne, will be meeting with me tomorrow morning to give me some input. Their great-grandmother passed away recently so that may lead us in a whole new direction. Who knows?!?

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